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Casino Games of today

Gambling has been present in our lives from the beginning of time in one form or another. People have always found a way or subject to place their wager on, and these games were played to win money or to entertain themselves.

First gambling and games were played at fairs and in the center places of the cities on Sundays and in some cases were played in private mansions that were constructed for the entertainment of the local population. These mansions, little houses, later become the first casinos.

The first casinos appeared in Italy, Venice and it is still in operation today. In these casinos people played not only the casinos games, but they also danced, sang and maintained social activities. The first casino games were the games that were well known from the fairs.

The oldest casino game is baccarat, meaning “nothing” and it is known as the casino game that was played even by Casanova. After the baccarat, which was originally from Italy, a new casino game became popular and that casino game was “veinght-et-un”, the original game which is now known as blackjack. The game originatedf in France, and became popular due to the fact that it was an easy game. Another interesting game was bingo, also a casino game that originated in Italy, but here we must mention the fact that this game was never played in casinos, it was a game that was popular, but it was not played by nobility, being considered the game of the poor people.

In the United States there were no casinos. there were the places called ”saloons”, were the people played games, especially card games like poker, the original game of the Americans and the American version of “veinght- un”, blackjack, which was introduced to Americans by the French colonists that lived in New Orleans.

All these casino games evolved during time and they become more and more sophisticated, and once the appearance of the Internet cam along, the whole gaming industry burst and the first online casinos were created, where all these games were present including sports betting.

Today this development continues with the development of more and more sophisticated gaming software that will permit us to have a casino not only on our computer, but on our mobile phone.

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