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The basic rules of the 7 card stud game are:

  • Highest Card wins
  • Ace plays both, High and Low for straights
  • Three Raise Limit for every round
  • Cards do the talking

All 7 Card Stud players star with an ante. Each player is dealt two cards face down and one face up. The player with the lowest up card is required to make a forced bet to start the game. This bet is half the minimum or full bet.

The game proceeds clockwise and each player will, either call the opening bet, raise it, or fold. All players than get a fourth card face up followed by a round of betting. After this round the player with the highest up card will be the first to check or bet. After the fifth card is dealt face up, the minimum bet doubles. The sixth card is dealt face up and there is another round betting. The seventh and last card is dealt face down and followed by the final round of betting. The dealer then determines the highest hand in 7 card stud and awards the pot.

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